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2022 Spring
Calendar of Events

Immerse yourself in our delightful farm world. Events at our farm are meaningful, beautiful, fun and delicious! Each event, from luncheons to tastings to children's programs, is an adventure in celebration of the season and a joyful learning about foods, menus and our wholesome farm life.
Each of our programs is filled with surprises - everything from a new fruit being introduced or an heirloom recipe tried or a lively floral demonstration or a garden walk.

We hope to inspire you with the exceptional experience of life at the country table!

Participation in our programs is by prepaid, non refundable reservation. Reservations are made by calling our market at 585-638-8838.


An Orchard in Bloom - Wednesday May 11th, 12:00

Springtime is ethereal on a fruit farm. Drifts of pale pink and snowy white blossoms line orchard lanes, and purple lilacs along the farmyard, or in a pretty vase, all paint pictures for us more elegant than any human hands could even create. In the orchard we catch our breath with the realization that each bloom has the potential to become fruit. All hope hangs on the fragile beauty of a gossamer flower.

Lilac Luncheon - Thursday May 12th, 12:00

The softness of May is a once a year treat. Purple lilacs in antique vases on tables fit with pressed linens. A bit of old fashioned 'snow ball' bush and Victorian' bridal wreath spirea' catching a gentle breeze. Fresh asparagus and home baked breads and cookies. In poem and in song, in blossom and in taste, the month of May is ethereal.

Herbs and Asparagus - A Rite of Spring - Friday May 13th, 12:00

Prized amongst the first treasured spring flavors those early green shoots of asparagus from garden and patch are relished after a long, cold winter. The preparation of asparagus from the traditional to the modern, from simple to complex, from starters and soups to side dishes show off the remarkable versatility of asparagus as spring's hallmark crop. Flavored with the fresh herbs gathered from the garden the magic of the springtime table delights us all. We will share the challenges and rewards of growing this vegetable!

Spring Tarts and Pies - Wednesday May 18th - 12:00

Our long harvest table set forth with our pie kitchen's creations - earthy pies of garden and wood, fancy sweet tarts of cream and custard, fruity pies, old fashioned pies, chunky pies and elegant pies. Be inspired by the heritage, the newness, the health and the folly of pies in all shapes and flavors. This is our kind of fun!

Edible Spring - Nature's Paintbrush - Thursday May 19th - 12:00

Drifts of apple blossoms and watercolors of violas. Pansies frilled and fringed, purple and pink. Sweet stevia. Sugared lavender and chive blossom butter. The garden is our paintbrush and the menu is our canvas. Learn the names and ancient meanings of edible herbs and flowers. Enjoy our 'picture salad' and Victorian scented geranium cake with lemon verbena frosting.


Beehive Handmade - Wednesday May 25th - 12:00

'Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,
Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;
And make us happy in the happy bees,
The swarm dilating round the perfect trees.' Robert Frost

Our lives as orchardists are in essence a dance with the most elemental functions of the earth. Our livelihood, and life itself, rests on the rhythms of blossom and pollination and fruition. Blooms and bees create an ethereal beauty that transcends the everyday, a beauty which has its roots deep deep in our history, and the hive becomes an exquisite symbol of wholesomeness for us all.
...And then there is honey. Join us for this fun and reflective luncheon where we twine the tales of the hive with the images of the skep and sip and sup the honey-sweet nourishment in savory and sweet confection. Our beehive honey cake is spectacular!

Honey from regional apiaries and our collection of handmade Italian honey bee table linens will be for sale.

Of Field and Furrow - Thursday May 26th - 12:00

Spring wheat. The place where the mint grows. Wild onions in the meadow. A Killdeer protecting her nest in the newly plowed field - her earthen eggs blending with soil and stone. The swirling dust on a hot day behind the planter and Tiny field strawberries and bright white miniature strawberry blossoms peeking from beneath sheaths of tall grass. The fragrance of the lilac beside the woodshed stoop. The hunt for wild asparagus. For decades we have been trying to have our guests feel the rhythmic beauty of our farm lives. Here, cradled in the hope of springtime, we present to you our most sensitive and intimate knowledge of the land in all its flavors and shades - from farmer to friend.

Spring Salad - Friday May 27th - 12:00

The old timers called them spring tonics. We call them fresh and healthy. The bright early greens that greet us from the land all about are sprightly and refreshing and nutritious after the dormant cold of a winter filled only with stored and shipped produce. Our trio of salads will feature a foraged salad made from wild leaves and shoots - which are only sweet and tender in springtime, an herbed entree salad and a side salad. All will be complimented by handmade breads from our bake oven and heritage spring desserts and minted meadow punch.

WILDFLOWER WEEK - A Trio of Wildflower Luncheons

Buttermilk and Buttercups - Wednesday June 1st - 12:00

In early summer buttercups carpet the orchard floor. Their washes of yellow nod in the breeze and their simplicity reminds us of an older time. Buttermilk is a homespun ingredient not just for pancakes and biscuits! We love to use a buttermilk soak to tenderize chicken, to add tang and texture to salad dressings and spreads and to impart a rich creaminess to our fruit and buttermilk tarts. Buttermilk brined chicken, preserve and buttermilk dressing, rhubarb lemon buttermilk cake... Join us for this luncheon of old fashioned goodness.

Daisy Chains and Donuts - Thursday June 2nd - 12:00

Carefree, fresh and totally full of fun, this luncheon is reminiscent of an old fashioned picnic - country tables with vases of daisies and gingham lined baskets bursting with handmade, old fashioned fried cakes, daisy chains looped along the ancient beams of our barn and meadows washed white with summertime bloom. The just-picked rare moment of early summer salads and asparagus paired with both savory and sweet donut surprises. Complimentary daisy chain class included. Come join the festivities!

Poppies and Popovers Luncheon - Friday June 3rd 12:00

By early June the magic of poppies spreads across our flower fields. Suddenly bursting in shades of carmen and coral, crisp white and true orange, poppies of every variety sweep early summer with energy and radiance. This happy luncheon will also feature fresh-from-the-oven popovers served with warm preserves from the kettle.


Classic High Tea of the Countryside - Wednesday June 8th - 12:00

Years ago we took a family trip to the English countryside. At the Ullswater Grange in the northern Lake District we were served scones piled high with clotted cream and freshly made strawberry preserves, after a repast of savory tea sandwiches. In that moment we understood the calm, the elegance and the spirit of a high of a high tea in the British Isles. Please join us for this delightful June high tea, complete with starched tablecloths, pretty tea pots, tea sandwiches and sweets.

All About Jam - Thursday June 9th, 12:00

This winter we enjoyed the most perfect batch of our Raspberry Framboise preserves. We exclaimed - with every single bite - that it was the best jam we had ever tasted. The secret to jam is this: not only is it wonderfully delicious and an authentic part of our rural cultural tradition - but it is like time in a bottle. A lovely jam captures the exquisite moment of any season at its height of abundance - peaches in early September - fresh black raspberries in July - and combines them into a preserved bit of wholesomeness filled with bright flavor and joy. Let us tempt you with ways of weaving jams into your everyday cooking while we share the colorful story of jam - from the beginning of time.

A Luncheon with harpist Grace Wong - Friday June 10th - 12:00

Our wonderful friend Grace fills our barn with the luminous music of her harp each time she visits our farm. When she plays suddenly all seem transported to a place where everything is beautiful. Simple salads seem to say 'joy!', homemade warm bread and jam are are expressions of purity, fresh vegetables have never tasted so good and dessert transports us with the strains of ethereal music to a garden of the divine.


Strawberry Shortcake Luncheon - Wednesday June 15th and Thursday June 16th - 12:00

Big bowls of strawberries with whipped cream and hot, freshly made biscuits...pitchers of daisies on farm tables nestled between summer salads and fresh breads with herb butters and jams.

Strawberry Rhubarb Luncheon - Friday June 17th - 12:00

By far the most popular jam that we make is old fashioned Strawberry Rhubarb jam. The very words strawberry rhubarb paint our minds with calming visions of farmhouse kitchens and bright sunny summer days filled with nothing but goodness. If only the world were so simple. Traditionally these two are paired because both represent the earliest of harvests in the north - rhubarb pushing forth from the still-cool soil with spring's first emergence, and strawberries ripening in mid June as the first tease of summer's upcoming abundance. The sprightly, slightly tangy zest of the two harvests combined are rightly placed as a classic flavor combination and defining hallmark of country cuisine.


Monet's Garden Luncheon - Wednesday June 22nd, 12:00

Imagine enjoying a lovely French luncheon in the gardens at Giverny - or Hurd Orchards! A Monet moment with a view of our lush countryside in bloom. Today's canvas is painted with the flavors of France; 'confiture du jour' right out of our kettle, handmade breads, coq au vin, or eclairs filled with fruit and creme patisserie.

Peonies and Old Roses Luncheon - Thursday June 23rd - 12:00

Soft and the palest pink peonies have bloomed in the June gardens of the country for centuries. The elegant peony gives us a sense of suspended time. A June rose is a bit of annual paradise. Nothing parallels this moment of summer. Enjoy this luncheon, with wreath rings of blush and sherbet twined about the punch bowl, and a menu of equal delicacy. Drop back in time.

Classic Garden Party - with harpist Roxanne Ziegler - Friday June 24th - 12:00

Stroll aside our gardens in bloom, relax in our barn radiant with summer flowers and enjoy the strains of the harp as gifted musician Roxanne Zeigler plays beloved favorites from Pachelbel's Canon to Vivaldi's Spring and Handel's Water Music. Luncheon will consist of sweet and savory confections featuring the very first fruits of early summer and our lush garden herbs and vegetables. A full, fancy, luncheon menu to uplift us all.


The Berry Patch Picnic - Wednesday June 29th, 12:00

Picking baskets full to the brim of shiny berries. A tall, cool glass of blueberry lemonade in the calm shade beneath a cherry tree, and a pot of freshly cooked jam with warm homemade bread and farmstead cheese. Gingham cloths on tables in the orchard and plump berry tarts. In this luncheon we want you to feel the radiance of summertime in the berry patch - the mouthwatering flavors, the charming old-time spirit - simple, wholesome and heartwarming.
* Our beautiful barn remains ready for protecting from the elements should it be needed.

The Lily Lunch - Thursday June 30th - 12:00

Sprightly persimmon colored wild day lilies line the roadsides by midsummer in Orleans County - one of the unexpected gifts of living in the countryside. In front of mother's house is one of Nana's favorite natural tumbles of flowers - bright orange day lilies partnered with sprays of vibrant pink 'Seven Sisters' roses fronted by spikes of rich purple wild harebells. It is glorious and we all love it. Early in spring the first tiger lily spears push up from the damp earth - chubby and strong. By late June the tiger lilies are in glorious bloom- long lasting, elegant and classic. Our luncheon tables will feature lovely fragrant lilies. We will experiment with several lily recipes - stuffed with cheese and honey and walnuts - or traditional sauteed lily buds. The garnishing, of course, will be a delight.


Please call our market to place your reservation for any of our upcoming programs. As we prepare carefully for each guest, all programs are prepaid, non refundable and non transferable. We look forward to welcoming you to our farm!
Our market telephone number is 585-638-8838.