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Welcome to Hurd Orchards

Apple picking:
Top picks for the weekend
Mutsu Crispin
Granny Smith
Red Rome
20 Ounce

Still picking:
Red Delicious
Golden Delicious

Join us for hot apple pie, hot cider and
autumn lunches in the barn.
In our market find ...
Old-fashioned pumpkin bread
Freshly baked molasses cookies
Autumn bouquets
Classic apple butter

 Hurd Orchards 2016 Agricultural Outreach Programs

This past spring our farm was honored to have received the
Bayer 2016 Produce Innovation Award.
This is a tremendous honor.  We were given this award specifically for the teaching that we do about agriculture
through our programs - our luncheons, classes and tastings. One part of the responsibilities that we
set for ourselves as award recipients is to further this teaching effort in new and creative ways.

This season, in addition to our current programming, we outlined a four part series
 in which we would discuss more in depth issues facing our farming world
hoping to bring our guests ever closer to the fascinating, evolving issues in the production of food.
We are excited about, and committed to, this effort.

Our four special programs are as follows:

Wednesday August 24th - 12:30
Butterfly Garden Luncheon - Linger after Lunch Lecture
‘Farming in a Changing World’

Saturday September 10th -12:30
‘The Cannery - A Living History Lunch and Lecture"
A part of the Orleans County Heritage Festival

Saturday October 1st - 6:00
New Moon Barn Dance!
‘What's Old and What's New in Agriculture’

Monday October 10th - 11:00-4:00
Fall Farm Day
‘Youth Learning Exploration’