Hurd Orchards is a family owned fruit and flower farm and canning company nestled in the fertile lake plains of Western New York between the banks of the Erie Canal and the shores of Lake Ontario. Almost two hundred years ago our ancestors came to these lands and began to till the soil and build communities.

Our farm philosophy centers around our love of fruit growing, our endless appreciation for the earth’s gifts, of the heritage of our region, and for the beauty which surrounds us each season.

Our dedication is to growing fruits with careful attention, and preserving the tree ripened fruits from our own plantings in products of extraordinary quality, each made by hand using traditional methods and often generations old recipes.

Our philosophy is expressed through our products, and equally through our efforts to preserve and steward wisely our fertile acres – orchards, forests, fields and meadows – and to the sustainability of our rural region. We believe in the world that Hurd Orchards represents, a world we work hard to preserve and invigorate.

Thank you for being part of our effort.

Amy & Susan Machamer

Red Tomato Righteous Produce!

Red Tomato Certified